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Second article in my column “Brave new digital world” in Confidential.com.ni

A life without mobile phones is almost impossible to imagine. People’s everyday life is highly influenced by these small communication devices. And even more in countries where big distances have to be covered, and/or economic interests would not be significant enough to build land lines. Even in the most remote areas of our blue planet, people rely on mobile phones to communicate.

First article in my column “Brave new digital world” in Confidential.com.ni

According to the Internet World Stats, Nicaragua is the second last of all countries in Latin America when it comes to Internet connectivity, after Haiti.

Start designing personal maps based on OpenStreetMap data

Do you know Tilemill? It is a wonderful Open Source program built on other libraries including Mapnik and node.js.

Net neutrality, surveillance, censorship and the ISPs
All over the world discussions are emerging on net neutrality, online censorship and surveillance as urgent topics. As we can see, companies try to sell the internet service by service or even the data a about their clients in order to make more money off of their clients.
Speaking at Nicaragua's local TEDx event

TEDxManagua is a independently organized TED event happening in Nicaragua.

Giving a talk at the United States OpenStreetMap conference

I had the honor to be invited and received a scholarship to attend and give a talk at the yearly edition of the State Of The Map US conference in beautiful San Francisco.

Mapping the bus lines of Nicaragua's capital

At the first OpenStreetMap event in Managua the Mapertulia last December we initiated the idea of getting the information about bus lines in Managua mapped collaboratively.

Loja, Ecuador

From 13th to 15th of March 2013 the third Drupal Summit Latino 2013 has taken place in Loja, Ecuador, after the first in Lima, Peru and the second in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Visiting Free Software communities in Bolivia

For the DrupalCamp Bolivia 2013 I had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia, and beeing there I wanted to meet some of the Free Software movements in this country.


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