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Start designing personal maps based on OpenStreetMap data

Do you know Tilemill? It is a wonderful Open Source program built on other libraries including Mapnik and node.js. Based on geographic information from the free project OpenStreetMap (OSM) and using a CSS like language called Carto it is easy to design your own beautiful and interactive maps.

Net neutrality, surveillance, censorship and the ISPs
All over the world discussions are emerging on net neutrality, online censorship and surveillance as urgent topics. As we can see, companies try to sell the internet service by service or even the data a about their clients in order to make more money off of their clients.
Mapping the bus lines of Nicaragua's capital

At the first OpenStreetMap event in Managua the Mapertulia last December we initiated the idea of getting the information about bus lines in Managua mapped collaboratively.

Loja, Ecuador

From 13th to 15th of March 2013 the third Drupal Summit Latino 2013 has taken place in Loja, Ecuador, after the first in Lima, Peru and the second in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Visiting Free Software communities in Bolivia

For the DrupalCamp Bolivia 2013 I had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia, and beeing there I wanted to meet some of the Free Software movements in this country.

The first Drupalcamp in this country

The first DrupalCamp in Bolivia took place from 21st to 23rd of February in the Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo" in Cochabamba. A city, that it's population also call kindly "Llajta" (Quechua meaning for "perfect place to live").

The first coworking office in Managua

Inspired by other co-working offices I could experience all over the world and being tired of working alone at home, together with Leandro Gomez we took the initiative to open a real creative space in Nicaragua and this way co-labora was born.

Community building around OpenStreetMap in Nicaragua

Because of the fortunate increasing interest in mapping in Managua, after some different activities, like the mapping party initiative we realized with some students in the Universidad Centroamericana to complete the information in OpenStreetMap used for the porpuse of

DrupalCon South America reloaded

The Latin American Drupal Community keeps on working with a lot of motivation! A lot of people from the whole continent are forming a team to organize together the DrupalPicchu in the beginning of 2014!


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