Felix Delattre

Talk at TEDxManagua


TEDxManagua is an independently organized TED event happening in Nicaragua. Since 2012 it happens every year and unites Nicaragua’s best ideas, inventions and reflections on a big stage.


In 2013 Felix Delattre participated with his talk in Spanish language “The map is in your hands” (El mapa está en tus manos), about maps in a country where the streets have no name, community initiatives by active citizens and building the first map of Managua’s public transportation system.

The talk was an entertaining overview of the recent work of the OpenStreetMap Nicaragua group and how open technologies fit especially well into the reality of developing countries and can make a real difference:

  • The special way to define addresses: based on reference points, instead of street names.
  • How to face Managua’s mobility problem by creating, for the first time, a map of the transit system.
  • Mapping important but informal spaces, such as the Mercado Oriental, the biggest marketplace of Central America.

Technology available to the people

It is all about improving the own environment, using new technology to leverage things that could not have been done before in this participatory way. Not waiting for anybody to do what makes life better, just get together, use the tools available, learn from each other and make things happen.