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Visiting Free Software communities in Bolivia

image0 For the DrupalCamp Bolivia 2013 I had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia, and beeing there I wanted to meet some of the Free Software movements in this country. In the lovely city of Cochabamba I soon got contact to the Scientific society of the university of San Simón, some of the most active young people in town, when it comes to technology. Some of them volunteered in the DrupalCamp and talking to them, they invited me to their OpenSeason, a new and open event series they are organizing in their university about free and open software and tecnologies. I was very happy to meet those great tec people, rocking their little hacking space in the university. The Open Season was well visited and besides my two talks about OpenStreetMap and How to contribute to Debian, as well a new project was presented: The GNU/Linux distribution “Fosobi“, a new distro with local flavour that shall make it easier to start and therefore attractive to students of technical careers using GNU/Linux.

One day after I was invited to the Hacklab they are running in the very innovative cultural center “El mARTadero“, an old slaughterhouse which has been converted in a real habitat of the arts, where the embedded interview with myself has been filmed (Spanish language) and I explain my view about Free Software, Free Culture and working as a freelancer.

Arriving in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the biggest city in Bolivia, I had been put in contact with the community of Uremix, another bolivian GNU/Linux distribution. I was positively surprised about the joy and activeness people were excited about technologies in Santa Cruz. In the university NUR we had a nice afternoon exchanging knowledge, ideas and some good time, talking about OpenStreetMap, GNU/Linux communities and arts projects with electronics. Great to see that Free Software communities all over are for sharing and meeting excellent people.