Felix Delattre

The first Mapertulia

Community building around OpenStreetMap in Nicaragua

image0 Because of the fortunate increasing interest in mapping in Managua, after some different activities, like the mapping party initiative we realized with some students in the Universidad Centroamericana to complete the information in OpenStreetMap used for the porpuse of this map I built for the Debian Conference 2012 and as well a talk I gave lately about Open Data, putting a focus on OpenStreetMap as the mayor example in the National Festival about Free Software this same month. I decided to propose a meeting about OpenStreetMap, so the first “Mapertulia” was born. About 30 people showed up to know more about colabortive mapping and how to use open maps for their benefit.

As a result we started now with a local mailing list for Nicaragua and people got excited, so we started with a new community project: Mapping the bus lines in Managua. Which could be great use for everybody living and visiting the city. Because about nobody really knows all the bus lines and the places where they pass by.

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