Felix Delattre

Drupal Summit Latino 2011

First Drupal Event for the Entire Latin American Audience

Group Photo from Drupal Summit Latino 2011 As part of the main organizing team, I am delighted to share insights about the first Drupal event oriented towards the entire Latin American audience, which took place in Lima, Peru, from January 27th to 29th, 2011. The event saw over 250 participants from 16 Latin American countries, as well as attendees from Belgium, Spain, and the USA, coming together to exchange knowledge and experiences about Drupal. These three days, which I fondly regard as historical, provided an opportunity for attendees to meet and network, laying the foundation for future collaborations and the formation of a global Spanish-speaking Drupal community.

The Drupal Summit Latino 2011 was hosted at the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI). Over the three days, we held 45 informative talks in 5 tracks covering a variety of Drupal topics, as well as essential learning for newcomers. The event also included official Birds of a Feather (BoFs) sessions and numerous informal, yet enriching, hallway conversations. Many discussions and talks highlighted the role of Free Software as a model, emphasizing its significance in the Drupal ecosystem.

Drupal Summit Latino 2011 in Peru A special feature of the summit was the ‘Drupal In Your Life’ contest, where participants showcased their creativity in Drupal-related photography, with awards sponsored by our partners. Additionally, a raffle was held for all attendees, adding to the event’s engaging atmosphere.

The Drupal Summit Latino 2011 was an enriching experience for me, allowing me to connect with many Drupal enthusiasts from across the continent. I am optimistic that this event will lead to many exciting initiatives, and I look forward to the possibility of a DrupalCon in Latin America in the future.

Apart from organizing, I conducted a workshop on ‘Code Sprint Drupal’ focusing on creating patches and contributing to the project, and also delivered a talk on ‘OpenID with Drupal’, discussing its implementation as a provider and a single sign-on solution.

Interviews (Spanish language):

Several interviews were conducted during the event with key participants, offering insights into their experiences and perspectives on Drupal and the community.

Felix Delattre (xamanu), Nicaragua/Germany Fernando García (develcuy), Peru Joaquin Bravo (jackbravo), Mexico James Wilson (jwilson3)
USA/Haiti/Ecuador Alberto Torreblanca (albert1t0), Peru Isaak Ordoñez (kaasi), Guatemala