Felix Delattre

DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2010 in Guatemala

Celebrating Drupal in Central America for the Second Time

Group Photo from DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2010 The second DrupalCamp in Central America took place on the 25th and 26th of June 2010 at the INTECAP education center in Guatemala. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, with 264 participants, more than double the number from DrupalCamp 2009 in Nicaragua. The camp brought together a diverse group of individuals including developers, designers, users, and representatives from both national and international companies, all focused on the Drupal CMS/Framework. Another significant goal of DrupalCamp was to bolster and grow the still nascent Drupal community in Central America.

Workshops at DrupalCamp The event featured a range of workshops and presentations, covering topics from basic Drupal installation and functionality, CCK and Views, to template creation, Drupal-focused design processes, programming for Drupal, Semantic Web, and the use of Drupal in government settings in Central America.

The weekend was filled with fruitful exchanges and many surprises. One highlight was the presentation “Drupal in the government” by Jonathan Lara, who shared insights into how the Guatemalan government is considering Drupal for future eGovernment projects.

Drupal Enthusiasts at the Event Drupal has once again made a significant impact and is steadily gaining traction in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking regions. As the initiator of the first DrupalCamps in Central America, I am deeply moved by the success of this DrupalCamp and the serious strides Drupal is making in this region. This success is a testament to the incredible efforts of the organizers who, in just one year, not only executed a successful DrupalCamp but also fostered an active Drupal community in Guatemala. Special thanks to Celeste Arreaga, Edgar DueƱas, Francisco Boche, Isaac Ordonez, and Marlon Alvarado.