Felix Delattre

DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2009

Organizing the First DrupalCamp in Central America

DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2009 Poster The first DrupalCamp in Central America took place on April 18th in Managua, Nicaragua. This event was a significant step towards building a vibrant community of professional Drupal developers throughout Central America.

Following weeks of meticulous planning and organization, the event was a resounding success, attracting over 100 Drupal enthusiasts from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, the USA, Austria, and Germany. It was conducted in a Bar Camp style, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment.

DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2009 Participants The primary goal was to facilitate the sharing of experiences and knowledge among Drupal developers and to enable personal connections for the first time. The event featured numerous insightful presentations, including a special Documentation Sprint led by Addison Berry from the United States.

A heartfelt thank you to all attendees, sponsors who made this event possible, and a special acknowledgment to the Universidad Centroamericana for providing the venue and internet facilities.