Digital Maps that make a change

Article about OpenStreetMap in the print magazine of the Austrian Scientific Exchange Service (OeAD News)

For the two students Taalaikul (15), Ulsana (16) and their teacher Kaiyrgul from the remote village of Jani-Talap, which lies on the edge of the roof of the world - on the Himalayas in the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan - water is the central theme. In the spring, the area is regularly flooded during the snowmelt, but after a few weeks, the wide river bed, which runs past the edge of the village, dries out for the rest of the year. The environment of the village appears dry and barren in summer, snowy in winter.

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Geotechnology: a tool for innovation

Nicaragua’s experience with child and youth participation

Over the last couple of years several individuals of the Nicaraguan OpenStreetMap community MapaNica.net colaborated fruitfully in various ocations with UNICEF Nicaragua to experiment with participatory geotechnologies and children and adolsecents on the caribbean coast of the country. Jointly we created a publication about the systematization of processes carried out to empower girls, boys, adolescents and young people in the most vulnerable areas by the use and implementation of participatory technologies.

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