DrupalPicchu 2014

DrupalCon South America reloaded

The Latin American Drupal Community keeps on working with a lot of motivation! A lot of people from the whole continent are forming a team to organize together the **DrupalPicchu** in the beginning of 2014! Picchu means Summit in quechua (native indigenous language), so DrupalPicchu means DrupalSummit. This gives an original name to such an important historic event for the Drupal Latin Community.

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The cancellation of DrupalCon São Paulo 2012

Reflections about DrupalCons in a global community

The very sad news about the cancellation of the DrupalCon in São Paulo has reached us volunteers surprisingly one day before the official announcement. The Drupal Association (DA) board took this decision because of the lack of interest (in session proposals and scholarship applicants) and sponsors which lead to the obvious lack of money.

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