Debian Conference - DebConf - in Nicaragua

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This year the 13th Debian Conference (DebConf) is going to happen for the first time in Central America. From 8th to 14th of July 2012 developers and contributors of the universal operating system from all over the world are heading to Managua, Nicaragua. Last year’s DebConf hosted in Bosnia-Herzegovina had over 350 attendees from 46 countries.

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Observatory about agrarian conflicts

A small tool for the Via Campesina - International Peasant Movement to visualize agrarian conflicts

The Central American activists from La Via Campesina asked my to help them to build an easy tool as an online *observatory* for agrarian conflicts. Today, on the International Day of Peasant's Struggle, this website has gone online. Built with Drupal it was an easy task to create rapidly an useful tool to store the information and visualize such important incident for the global unity among peasants, landless, women farmers and rural youth.

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DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2011 in Costa Rica

The third DrupalCamp in the region

Last month, in June 2011, the third DrupalCamp in Centralamerica has been taken part in the venue of the pacific headquaters of the University of Costa Rica in Puntarenas. In total 168 persons from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá assisted from the region as well as visitors from Colombia, Germany, Peru and the United States of America. There was a huge participation by people from different Drupal communities, private companies and public institutions. Most participants were professionals working in areas of graphic design, marketing, providers and programmers of services (technical support, software and web development), products or training related to Drupal and Free Software. There was also a strong participation of students and professors from University of Costa Rica.

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Spanish Drupal tutorials and learning materials for the community

Recently I was giving two intensive Drupal 7 workshops and trainings. One at the Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica, sponsored by a United Nations Development Programme finanzed project in Costa Rica "TICs Capacity Building through the Use of Free Software to Promote and Strengthen Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMEs)". And the other one at ISIC (Instituto de Informática y Comercio) in Managua, Nicaragua. Together with Leo Arias we prepared the materials of these trainings and made them publicly available at **aprende.drupal-centroamerica.org**.

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DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2010 in Guatemala

The second time Drupal is being celebrated in Central America

Last weekend (25 and 26 June 2010) took place the second DrupalCamp in Central America, the venue was this time the education center INTECAP in Guatemala. With 264 participants, it exceeded by more than double the number of participants for the DrupalCamp 2009 in Nicaragua.It brought together people from many fields: developers, designers, users, and both national and international companies to discuss the CMS/Framework Drupal. Another specific objective of the DrupalCamp was to strength and extend the still quite young Drupal community in Central America.

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First Central American Free Software Summit

Getting to know the movements and communities

From the 17th of June till 21th of June 2009 the First Central American Free Software Summit was taking place in Nicaragua's northern mountains close to Estelí. Over 80 persons met from all Central American countries and some others from the all over the world (Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Austria and Germany). Everybody was connected through the common ideology of Free Software and sharing. The majority of the attendants actively participate within local Linux User Groups inside of their countries. On the summit everybody loved to discuss topics like Free Software and government, Translation and adaption of open licenses to local jurisdictions, the role of women and Free Software in education.

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DrupalCamp Centroamerica 2009

Organizing the first DrupalCamp in Centralamerica

The first DrupalCamp in Central America took place 18th of april in Managua, Nicaragua. The all-day event aimed to actively form a community of professional drupalers from all Central American countries.

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